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Being Person Centered

The purpose of the BSP Professional Development series is to provide BSP's opportunities to advance their knowledge of PBS and brush up on topics covered during our Foundations of PBS course. Next up for the series is Being Person Centered.

This free training will be a great opportunity for Behavior Support Professionals to have a better understanding of how to help individuals live the life they want for themselves. Being person centered allows the individual a professional is working with to have more control over their lives and empowers them to fulfill their dreams and therefore increase their quality of life. This training focuses on empowering the individual, learning to listen and create true community inclusion based on the individual’s preferences and interests.

After attending you will be able to:

  • Identify ways to empower people to state their dreams,
  • Brainstorm ideas to create a person-centered approach to 5 case studies,
  • List strategies to open up a conversation, and
  • Describe how to follow-up with a plan of action

Please note:

  • 3.25 Social Work Continued Education Units Available
  • This training will not meet the requirements for becoming a BSP.
  • 5 hour training

For questions: PBS@hsc.wvu.edu or 855-558-4296.