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Helping Kids Navigate the Way

a cartoon of the Mental Health All Stars by iamhoneydill.com, a depiction of several muscle bound characters with the names: Creative Outlet, Exercise, Routine, Sleep, Meditation, Social Anxiety, Healthy Diet, Love, Sun and Air, Humour and Therapy

Growing up is tough. Children face many tests and triumphs as they learn about life and progress toward physical, emotional and social maturity. For children with complex needs, growing up can be even tougher.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO):

  • 10-20 percent of children and adolescents experience mental disorders
  • Half of all mental illnesses begin by age 14

Some tips to help these kids along the way to adulthood include:

  • Create house rules together using simple words and pictures, and post these rules in a common area
  • Ensure kids have a safe, quiet place to relax when they are feeling emotionally overwhelmed
  • Look for times children are succeeding and praise them
  • Focus on their unique strengths and interests and incorporate these into learning new skills
  • Ensure kids have a healthy diet, plenty of sleep, feel loved and safe and have regular opportunities for exercise and creative expressions such as art or music.

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