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Fall 2020 - Using Self Regulation to Manage Anger

Self-regulation is the ability to calm, relate, and reason through difficult emotions or tough situations. It is a set of skills to help manage those big feelings and learn how to control emotional triggers. Our emotions influence how we identify and respond to stress, especially with anger.

Anger is an emotionally driven response we experience when we feel fear, sadness, or when we feel overwhelmed. It can arise from within, often connected to what we think we should be doing vs. what we can do. When children continue to have consistent angry outbursts, it’s usually a sign of distress.

Some children struggle to label or express their feelings. Anger is a complicated feeling with many different layers of emotions, from irritability and frustration to full-blown rage. A great way to teach children about anger is using a self-monitoring tool like an anger thermometer to explain those levels of intensity when getting mad.

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